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"Haley DeMarco is an incredible acupuncturist and healer. Her approach to healing is compassionate, wise, holistic, and comprehensive. She is an intelligent and intuitive healer and practitioner. She is an empathetic listener and offers insight into the work she does in a way that is easy to understand as a patient. She addresses physical and emotional pain in ways that are validating in nature and effective in treatment. She offers so much wisdom and insight into physical and emotional pain, as well as the ways that the two are interconnected and treated in TCM. I have been treated by DeMarco for migraines, depression, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, digestive issues, and pelvic issues. I leave each treatment feeling incredibly relaxed, and with short and long term health issues alleviated. DeMarco is not only an amazing acupuncturist, she also offers massage, cupping, and other forms of energy healing. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her!"

– EL


"Haley is an exceptional healer. I feel like she really listens when we meet. You get 100% of her attention and focus. She helped me through my fertility journey and now is taking great care of me during pregnancy."

– AS


"Haley is a wonderful practitioner, I’ve been seeing her for anxiety, sports injuries and overall general wellness for over three years now. I always feel heard, understood and leave feeling completely relaxed and nourished. Her attention to women’s health in particular is phenomenal."

– CM


"I was seeking out natural ways of flipping my breech baby and Haley DeMarco was recommended to me through my doula. We did a few sessions and besides feeling amazing and relaxing…our baby flipped! I also went past my due date so we did some sessions to encourage labor and these really helped with the progression. Whether trying to flip a baby, encourage labor, finding some relaxation or trying to alleviate some aches and pains, I would highly recommend Haley’s expertise!"

 – SN


"Haley has helped me so much, both physically and spiritually. She’s fantastic!"

– LQ


"Haley is a delight. I personally am very immersed in the healing arts world and I find Haley to be a diamond in that community. Her gentleness and attention to detail brings a sense of calm. I felt very relaxed with her, she also has a deep understanding of the work that she does. Like she says in her bio, she grew up with parents that have been teaching her alternate ways since she was very young. When she put the needles in she was very gentle and kept checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable. When the needles were in she left the room and gave me some very needed personal time. I was beyond relaxed and nourished, I am a mother of three- so I need to deep love and nourishment to self. I highly recommend you go check her out. You will be happy you did!"

– MM

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