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Acupuncture and
Chinese Herbal Medicine

A healing approach for treating the whole body by addressing the root cause.

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Meet your Practicioner

Haley DeMarco, EAMP, LAc

It is my mission to have all people I work with leave each appointment feeling fully seen and heard. The healing that chinese medicine had on my life at a young age was profound. It connected the dots on the symptoms I was experiencing to the underlying root cause. Now, it is my goal to educate and empower patients with compassion and empathy to help them connect their dots and unlock their bodies' innate healing capabilities.


Why Acupuncture?

Menstrual Health

Fertility Support

Pregnancy Support

Sports Medicine

Pain Management

Emotional Health


"Haley is an exceptional healer. I feel like she really listens when we meet. You get 100% of her attention and focus. She helped me through my fertility journey and now is taking great care of me during pregnancy."

– AS

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